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Find Secours Plus every Saturday at 18H and replay Wednesdays 9:30 on Vision 4.

Current Cases

Your support will change their life.

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Supporting Urgence Plus Monde is giving back hope and life.

Show your care for the sick and poor.

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Latest News

Discover news related to URGENCE PLUS MONDE .

actualite du padmir : The second stage of the charity concert of UPM

The second stage of the charity concert organized on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of Upm is i...

actualite du padmir : Clement's surgical operation

Clement, victim of a huge hinguino scrotal hernia, was recently operated at the Raquel Bruc Hospital...

actualite du padmir : Desire Mama's surgical operation

Désiré Mama was operated on the lump he had on the shoulder successfully thanks to your donations.

actualite du padmir : Chimène baby get out of the operating room

She looks at her Chimene daughter fresh out of the block ... She is moved and grateful. Lucie charge...

actualite du padmir : UPM's charity concert of Douala

The charity concert of Douala part 2 ended wonderfully well. Thank you to the governor and his wife ...

What we do

Discover the actions of URGENCE PLUS MONDE .


Poor patients


Poor patients

Collect for

Poor patients


Poor patients


Poor patients


Poor patients

Make known

Poor patients

Mobilize for

Poor patients

Surgical Operations

The surgical operations made possible thanks to your donations and to the action of Urgence Plus Monde to restore the Poor patients.

Completed Cases

Patients who have recovered health through Urgence Plus Monde.

Urgence: Martina Restored

Martina Restored

Urgence: Thomas Mbiakolo

Thomas Mbiakolo

Urgence: Jean Bosco

Jean Bosco

Urgence: Mrs Abeba

Mrs Abeba

Urgence: Mme Assene

Mme Assene

Urgence: Christelle Edzoa

Christelle Edzoa

Urgence: Bébé Chimène

Bébé Chimène

Urgence: Désiré Mama Restored

Désiré Mama Restored

Urgence: Martina Restored

Martina Restored

Urgence: Alexandre David

Alexandre David

Programs TV

Discover Urgence Plus Monde TV Shows.

Secours Plus - May 2019

Secours Plus - April 2019

Secours Plus - March 2019

Secours Plus - February 2019

Secours Plus - January 2019

About the Founder

Alain Christian KALABANG - Humanitarian journalist

Word of the Founder+

Humanitarian action is the breath of life of peoples abandoned in suffering and misery. It is led by committed men who have decided to live for others to give them hope and life.

Its effectiveness depends on the financial and material gifts of souls of good will. Today we can be proud of what has been done since our launch.

However it is a grain of sand in what remains to be done. Your support will certainly be a strong hand for the fulfillment of our vision.

God bless you.

The Founder and his work+

Alain Christian KALABANG is the Founder of the Association Urgence Plus Monde, a Humanitarian Journalist with ten (10 years) of humanitarian field work.

Vie familiale+

Married and father of three children.


Graduated from the University of Buea with a First Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication (MC), graduated from the University of Douala with a Professional Master in Communication and he is also graduated from IRIC with a Master in Development Cooperation and Humanitarian actions.

Our volunteers

Discover the volunteers of Urgence Plus Monde.

Bénévoles: KALABANG Alain Christian

KALABANG Alain Christian

Bénévoles: NOUKELA Doris


Bénévoles: TCHOUANTIE Sandrine


Bénévoles: DJANDJO Prisca


Bénévoles: TEFFA Eric


Bénévoles: LELE Winnie

LELE Winnie

Bénévoles: DJEUTCHA Elton


Our representations

Urgence Plus Monde is present in 6 countries.








Watch short videos about patients supported by Urgence Plus Monde.

Short videocast
Desire's Mobilisation

Short videocast
Martina's Case

Short videocast
Clement's Case

Short videocast
Emerent's Mobilisation

Short videocast
Desire's Surgery

Short videocast
Pélagie YETEZE

Short videocast
David Alexandre

Short videocast
Martina restoration

Short videocast

Short videocast

Short videocast
Concert Anniversaire UPM

Short videocast

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Years of experience
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Cases treated
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Surgical operations
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Partner hospitals
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Local Headquaters


Read what they say about Urgence Plus Monde.


Beneficiary of the action of Urgence Plus Monde

I am Gisèle MBA BODO, I was a goiter and all my family rejected me my friends abandoned me, I was treated as a witch in the village but today I found the smile thanks to the action of URGENCE PLUS MONDE and its donors. I am very happy today and I hope to finally meet the man of my life. Thank you all.


Beneficiary of the action of Urgence Plus Monde

I am very moved while I write these lines, I was supported by the association URGENCE PLUS MONDE while I was on the verge of death with a big tumor in my chin. My children did not have enough to hang around I begged in Yaounde at the Cathedral for several years and thanks to the support of the association URGENCE PLUS MONDE I found the smile and my main activity is that mototaximan, now I 'm take care of my wife and children.


Beneficiary of the action of Urgence Plus Monde

I had to walk with a dodge bag to hide my mass that was on my back, people thought I had a baby at all times that I carried on my back yet it was the mass. This mass has done many years on my back. I was rejected for all my family and by my friends, because of the poverty I could not myself make myself operate but I am proud today to have a new appearance thanks to the intervention of URGENCE PLUS MONDE. I have had a successful operation and I am not ashamed to walk the streets today. URGENCE PLUS MONDE and its donors have transformed my life.

Our Partners

Thanks to our partners for their trusted support of our mission.